Elizabeth and Haim Zarif’s Brooklyn Recruitment Event

February 12, 2012

Elizabeth and Haim Zarif hosted a breakfast IAFCF Recruitment Event at their home in Brooklyn, NY. This was very special because Mr. Zarif had only learned about the IAFCF and our valuable work at a similar gathering in December 2011. He and his wife jumped on board right away, and we are happy to welcome them as new IAFCF friends and supporters.

This event was also significant as the Zarifs opened their home to this influential Sephardic community in Brooklyn for the Foundation. 40 guests attended to enjoy the opportunity to meet and learn from Brigadier General Ronen Dan about the State of Israel’s security and the challenges it faces in today’s world.

Simcha Salach, IAFCF Executive Director, and Dr. David Tarica, Development Chair talked about the plans for the IAFCF’s National Gala on June 7, 2012 in New York City and how the group could participate, celebrate, and support the Foundation in various ways through the Gala. The Zarifs were so moved by the presentation that they agreed to be the new IAFCF leaders by joining the Gala Event Committee – welcome!

From this event, the IAFCF established new contacts in the community. The Foundation would like to thank the Zarifs for their hospitality and generosity and looks forward to expanding our contacts even further in the community.