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Building Leaders, Driving Innovation

Mission Statement

The Israel Air Force  Center partners with Israel’s Air Force to educate the country’s next generation of leaders, advance cutting-edge research, and support bereaved Air Force families. The Center's unique national leadership program draws on the values and history of Israel’s Air Force to instill character and a commitment to national service in thousands of Israeli high school students from all walks of life.

What does the Israel Air Force Center Do?

The IAF Center’s leadership programs, a model of cooperation between educational and military institutions not found anywhere else in Israel, augment technical IAF training with a curriculum that uses IDF and IAF history, culture, and values to teach the principles of National Service, the ideals of Zionism, and the skills to lead. The IAF Center’s social and recreational programs build cohesion and boost morale for IAF members, veterans, and families.

Why Does the Israel Air Force Center Do It?

The best and most dependable resource of the State of Israel is its people. By investing in youth, the IAF Center seeks to meet one of Israel’s core challenges: instilling a comprehensive commitment to the security of the Jewish State in the next generation. We seek to empower Israeli youth and mold them into future leaders.