Infrastructure and Renovation

Naming Gifts - Infrastructure and Renovation

The IAF Center is considered one of the most impressive and architecturally unique buildings in the State of Israel. Located in the City of Herzliya and spread over 11,000 sq. m (6,500 sq.m. built), the building’s aesthetics echo the themes of innovation and prominence in Israel’s world of aviation and technology.                                                                                                                

The roof of the building has a wingspan which not only embodies flight but stands like a crown on the achievements of the Israel & Space Air Force giving glory and pride to every Jew around the world

Project Name Description Amount

Casualty & Loss Service Center - Renovation

This section of the IAF Center building houses the IAF Casualty and Loss Unit comprising of 15 officers and soldiers which provide daily services to all bereaved families, the injured and former POWs. The contribution will enable renovation and replacement of equipment and amenities for the unit.


"Squadron" Club – Renovation & Upgrade

The "Club" serves as a site for annual events, exhibitions, workshops and seminars for IAF personnel and youth who are interviewed and evaluated for military service. The "club" will be redesigned and fully equipped with state of the art audio-visual equipment and furniture, to enable multipurpose activities. 


IAF Western Patio – Upgrade and Refurbishment

This indoor patio will contain seating and an indoor garden to enable open air activities for 20-30 people.


Hall for Performing Arts

This 760-seat theatre and concert hall is designed along international standards for professional performances, and serves nearly 500,000 people annually. The Hall for Performing Arts is operated by the City of Herzliya and has over 300,000 visitors a year.


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