Leadership Training Projects

Amount Description Project Name

$25,000 annually 

Funding will enable us to enrich the Leadership Training Curriculum. The funds will cover the necessary cost of research, editing and translating of additional learning materials.  Youth Training Curriculum Package

   $10,000       annually


Enables empowering young people from low-income and minority communities with the opportunity to attend the leadership training. This package covers the cost of transportation and meals for students who live far away from the IAF Center in Israel’s North and South.

($4,000 to cover transportation for 320 students. $6,000 to cover food and beverages) 

Youth Training Outreach Package

$25,000 annually

 (payable in 2 payments)

Developing additional learning kits which will enable the IAF Center to continuously enrich the Youth Leadership Program content and upgrade the spectrum of available subjects and training.    Development of Learning Kits  

$35,000 annually

(payable in 5 payments)


Incorporating a simulation experience within the training curriculum for youth. Enable four hundred youth ages 16-17 to participate in the simulator training over 40 training sessions annually. Simulator Training for Youth

$80,000 annually

($10,000 per camp)

There are eight boot-camps each year consisting of 70-80 participants per camp. The highlight of the camp is a gliding flight training experience. Motivation, physical fitness, discipline, exposure to military service, group build up and team work are among the leading advantages of conducting a boot camp for 16-17 year-olds, following two years of leadership training.   Youth Boot-Camp Training

$25,000 annually

(payable in 3 payments)



The workshop for leadership and command is for junior officers (aged 25 – 35 years old) on the path of a long career in the IAF.  Each unit comprises of approximately 50 officers who take part in a 5 day workshop. The workshop highlights the essence and meaning of coping with rapidly fluctuating circumstances in the ‘battlefield,’ the decision and character required to deal with such situations as leaders.  Leadership and Command Training Workshops for IAF Young Officers