Expanding Youth Horizons

 Project Name / Target Age



Annual Cost 

IAF Center Youth Education Program for Minorities

(IAF Center Youth Corps)

Ages 16-18

Boot camp for minority youth, following two years of leadership training. Participants gain motivation for military service while improving discipline and teamwork and improving physical fitness.

Targets students from Bedouin, Christian  and Youth at risk communities from Israel’s North and South.

 4 instructors

(2 Arabic speakers)



IAF Center Youth Education Program

Ages 16-18

National Youth Leadership Program


 2 IAF instructors



One-Day Seminar

IAF personnel

For all air personnel in IAF units (technicians, pilots, etc.) They learn about IAF values, heritage and exceptional missions.

 Team of lecturers



IAF Cadets

 Cadets are taught about their responsibilities as future IAF officers and leaders in Israel.  They learn about the history of the IDF and IAF; the principles of Zionism and how to apply them in the 21st Century; discussions with IAF veterans; and presentations from active duty IAF pilots and engineers. 

IAF veterans, pilots and engineers


Escape Room


Participants hone their skills in an innovative game-playing environment. Strengthens commitment to military service by teaching leadership and decision-making. 


$75,000 total


$10,000 per year


Heritage Room

Teaches visitors to the IAF Center about the history of the Israel Air Force through an interactive touch screen room.

2 Instructors



Simulator Training Experience

Ages 16-18

Enables four hundred youth to participate in flight simulator training (over 40 training sessions annually)




One-Day Seminar for Bereaved Widows and POWs

Participants learn how to cope with loss and bereavement.  Topics include heritage,  values etc.

 Team of lecturers



IAF Bereaved Families Annual Hanukah Event

Children’s show, games, food, and an inspiring candle-lighting ceremony strengthen the morale of bereaved families and honor their sacrifice.




IAF Bereaved Families

 Annual Family Retreat

Brings together bereaved families for three days of recreational activities, therapeutic experiences and bonding.



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